Project Description

Headlice 911

HeadLice911 was starting off fresh and needed awareness of their brand to be launched immediately. They were smart to come to us. We built a comprehensive foundation to completely streamline their workflow as well as sell their service to an extremely specific market. Here’s how we tackled it.

HLC911_website desktop


Your website is your home base. In their industry, it was imperative that they accurately portray their clean and professional image. It was our job to capture that in imagery and build a site that communicated that effectively in addition to getting feet through the door. Once it was live, conversions began immediately.


It became clear that HeadLice911 books most of their appointments by phone. As most of our marketing relied on facebook and google which is accessed almost exclusively on a mobile device, it was important for us to make the website ready for those calls. We condensed the larger design we made for desktop into a clean and easily navigable interface that made it easy for customers to make the jump and become a customer.

HLC911_website mobile optimization
HLC911 video


We insisted that video was the perfect way to market their services. Nothing would be able to sell their product better than a testimonial. We arranged to have customers serviced and speak about their experience. The results were better than we could imagine. The customers spoke passionately about the process they went through and showed genuine thanks to the business. It showed on camera and the resulting Facebook engagement was incredible. Appointments started coming in immediately.


Taking on a client means generating marketing materials that have versatility and longevity and good photographs are essential. We were able to take photographs that are being used in nearly every marketing avenue we have. The subject matter was obvious. There were photos of their process and the problem itself. We were able to capture it in a way that invites customers in and to trust those professionals to ease their problem.

social media advertising


After collecting photos and video of their clean working environment and process marketing assets was simple. Make the messaging clear and target the right audience with precision. Their market was clear and the professional assets we collected allowed us to have a clear strategy.


Having an optimized local listing was one of the top things on our list. They were a new business and we have to have them ready as soon as their locations opened. Any new business must have imagery and their contact information available at a moments notice. Making the target market aware of this new business was key.

Google My Business local listing


HeadLice911 was a unique challenge. From the beginning, it was obvious that they were passionate and professional about their craft held back only by their understanding of digital media marketing. They only required optimization and effectiveness for their digital workflow and a team to properly market their superior service. We built personal relationships with the staff and got to the core of their message. From there, it was a matter of putting our expertise to use. It wasn’t difficult for our team to build a strong foundation and see their leads increase. They have become an example that continually confirms what we know we do best. Our job never ends, however. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to capture our client’s essence and deliver it effectively to the market they desire and beyond.