Project Description


Fenceworks needed a digital update to bring them up to speed in an era of comprehensive and competitive marketing. Here’s a look at what we did.

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Nothing is more important than a solid foundation and your website is home base. Today’s customers are decisive and having a clean and clear website is key to exuding professionalism and authority. An out of date website has become extremely obvious to any consumer and Fenceworks website needed an overhaul. We needed to concentrate their value and put it center stage. Their brand needed to be visually redefined to showcase the exceptional quality of their product and dedication the have to their craft.


Building a new website also means understanding how the customer will engage with it. Times have changed and the truth of the matter that is customers interact with the web on their mobile devices more than any other method. Bringing Fenceworks up to date meant designing a fluid and responsive website that can stand on its own legs just a strong as its flagship desktop version. We had the understanding to truly distill their content to keep visitors engaged with a clear vision pathway to navigate through the information they seek.

website mobile
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We take advantage of all avenues to show off the best of our clients. In our experience, video is the most compelling media. It gives the consumer a chance to see the product and the craftsmen behind it in a lively way. As a best practice, we always try to get our client’s faces on camera. They sell their product better than any stock footage or product shot could. In the case of Fenceworks where each client receives personalized attention on their account, it was natural to have them featured in interviews along side intimate vignette shots of their products.


Taking on a client means generating marketing materials that have versatility and longevity and good photographs are essential. We were able to take photographs that are being used in nearly every marketing avenue we have. In Fenceworks’ case, it was a beautiful day and the greenery that surrounds their office was picturesque. We now use these images regularly in the social media, their website, and in print.

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Once we gather great assets the next step is putting them to good use. This is one of our greatest strengths. We gather the best kernels of the client’s story and create specialized targeted campaigns that are distributed exactly how and to whom we choose.


Though digital marketing is our specialty, traditional marketing materials still have their place. In a design sense, it is nearly identical. In this client’s case, their involvement and support of the community could be used to its advantage. Horse and farm fencing holds a large share of their market. Sponsorship of local equestrians events involved not only personal passions of their employees but potentially valuable exposure. We designed modern magazine ads and banners for these events.



Many clients underestimate the importance of local listings. It is much more than simply having your hours and address posted on google maps. There are opportunities to fill these listings with content that compels visitors to continue to engage. Fenceworks wasn’t taking advantage of these and it was a simple and effective operation of us to take full advantage of. Additionally, we were able to have Fenceworks featured on local business directories that have immeasurable regional influence in niche markets.


The beauty of the digital age is accountability. Our methods of advertising allow us to not only control the message and tailor the audience but to track how successful each campaign is. We’re able to see what works, what doesn’t, and understand them in a comprehensive way. Our tools allow us to visualize statistics and data in a way that our clients can easily comprehend. It is it one of our greatest strengths and arguably the most powerful tool in our arsenal that we offer.

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From the beginning, it was obvious that they were passionate and professional about their craft. They were hungry for additional exposure. They only required optimization and effectiveness for their digital workflow and a team to properly market their superior service. We built personal relationships with the staff and got to the core of their message. From there, it was a matter of putting our expertise to use. It wasn’t difficult for our team to bring their business up to date and see their leads increase. They have become an example that continually confirms what we know we do best. Our job never ends, however. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to capture our client’s essence and deliver it effectively to the market they desire and beyond.